Environmental Health- Plastic Consumption Inquiry

Hello! For my EHE 258 course on personal health and wellbeing I have taken on a health promotion project. I decided to focus on my environmental health, as it is something I often don’t think about. I specifically focused on my own plastic consumption, using the Greenpeace campaign as a guide to help me reduce my “plastic footprint”.

As part of my promotion I have put together a grade four inquiry unit that can be adapted for any grade. There are three detailed lesson plans that help start the unit and then an extensive list of outcomes, activity ideas, and resources to help guide a classroom inquiry project/ promotion with your students.

I hope you find the unit useful and adaptable. Please let me know anything you might add, change, or modify! I love hearing different perspectives and ideas!

Plastic Consumption Mini Unit

Ed Technology Resources

Please find attached a list of various educational links to apps, extensions, websites, and more that can be used in the classroom for various tasks.

Ed Technology resources 

I hope to continue to add resources as I learn and discover them throughout my experiences.