Inner Self Grade Three Health

My main subject throughout my internship was Health. Unfortunately, our schedule only allowed for one hour of health class per week, including a snack break. Meaning I only had about 45-50 minutes of teaching time a week for health. I decided to start with a unit on “Inner Self” because I believed it would give me the opportunity to learn about my students and who they are beyond their surfaces. While some of them shared this about them selves through conversation, most did not. Making this a great opportunity to learn about each of them individually.

This unit allowed me to use their interests to create more engaging lesson plans based on their interests. Knowing who they were individually, knowing what they believed their strengths and areas of improvement were I was able to relate and teach to all eleven students individually in a way that helped their learning make sense to them and relatable for them. Which I strongly believe should always be the foundation of learning; personal connections, relations, and experiences should be brought into or created in everything we learn. I believe this helps give our learning more value.

Check out the Inner Self Unit here!

*Note there were some changes made during lessons and to lessons as experienced.

DETAILED LESSONS here are all the lesson plans, worksheets, and assessments in detail. My students never did the lesson seven brochures for sake of time and instead they were given the quiz.

This is a bulletin board that I made using the students projects from lesson ____. The students had to trace their side profile and then write their interests, dreams, and traits within the face. They hid their name under a piece of paper so other students could guess who they are based on who they are on the inside. The students thought it was a fun activity and many students and staff were seen engaging in the bulletin board.


Our final assessment was a quiz about the content we have learned, with the majority of the students scoring above 75%. While I do not completely agree in testing I tried to make the questions scenario based or related to their own self. For example, one question asked for the student to list their own qualities. This allowed me to see that they knew what a quality was and made it relatable for the student. The summative evaluation on the unit/ outcomes was a combination of all formative and summative assessments throughout.


Welcome to Hazlet School!

I was fortunate to be placed at Hazlet School for my Internship. I grew up and attended school in a small community only thirty minutes from Hazlet. My farm is located only ten miles from town, making living arrangements easy and affordable (an added bonus while being a University student)! Hazlet School has about 70 students from grades kindergarten to grade 12. They are a part of the amazing Chinook School Division; a division that believes in putting students and relationships first, which aligns perfect with my own philosophy. Hazlet School is part of the Chinook International Program, opening many opportunities for students around the world and within our community to interact and learn from one another. To say I was excited about my placement with the grade 3, 4, 5 split class would be an understatement!

Growing up I had a tough time finding my place and myself. When I was fifteen I befriended a Hazletonian and my life has never been the same since! Hazlet is a very small village of about 200 people including the surrounding farms. Despite their small numbers they have an outstanding commitment to their community. The entire community opened their arms to me and treated me and my family as their own. The people do not discriminate, they never turn away any sort of help, and they can put on one heck of an event that brings surrounding communities together. It is truly a remarkable town that I am proud to be a part of and to have the opportunity to experience as a professional in their school.

On my first day I was incredibly nervous and excited- I felt much like I was on my way to my first day of Kindergarten all over again. I was not disappointed when the staff all welcomed me with open arms and showed their personalities from day one. Their encouragement, helping hands, and ability to “tell it how it is” made me feel like I “fit in” from day one. After meeting my students for the first time and spending that first week getting to know each of them, I knew December would be one of my toughest “goodbyes”.

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Here is a reflection after my first week:

“Friday, September 7th

The first week has been super crazy, but really fun. I was so nervous and excited the first day, I felt like I was in Kindergarten. The kids seemed happy to have me in their classroom as well. We started the day with some introductions playing a game and then I shared a PPT with the students that included pictures from my life and some basic information about myself. I got to spend two classes with the K, 1, 2’s this week as well, so I am learning about them quickly too. The students here are so great. And I am really looking forward to getting to know them better and to teach them.

I did not do any teaching this week as I was focussing on meeting the students and getting to know them and see how the classroom routine looked. I collected a lot of information about students’ interests, some of the types of projects they like to do and where their learning levels are at in various subjects. I am thankful for the opportunity to get to know them this week and for extra time to plan, as my co-operating teacher asked me to wait to plan until I got to know the students better.

I look forward to beginning my “inner self” health unit next week!”

And so, my journey and love for Hazlet School continued.