The Grand Finale

Today I put my hair styling skills to the test. Using my previous blog posts and my initial attempt at my goal hair style, I attempted my goal one last time. I knew I needed a braid, curls, twists, and a messy bun to complete my dream hairstyle.

Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 5.22.54 PM.png

I am OBSESSED with this hairstyle!




Unfortunately, I could not do it justice! BOOOOO.

Here is my process of doing Mackenzie’s hair today.

I am super disappointed in the outcome of my hairstyle. I tried really hard, I applied ideas and techniques I learned throughout the semester. SO WHY?!


Here’s my thinking:

  • is it because her hair looks like a different texture?
  • is it because of the colour?
  • is it because she doesn’t have layers in her hair, like the picture?
  • is it because I need more practice?
  • am I even good enough to do hair for special event?

I needed answers, so I began Google searching. I came upon this article, Choosing the Right Hairstyle for Your Hair Texture and Density. The article suggests that different hair textures and densities COULD change the outcome of a hairstyle and the look of someone’s hair in general. This, kind of, answers my questions about the hair texture and layers causing my outcome to be different from the original image.

I am also not naive enough to think I am a master hair stylist now. I do know I need to work on some of my skills, especially the hair twisting. To me it is the part of the hairstyle that seems the most “off”.

What are your thoughts? Please be honest, I love constructive criticism. 

While I feel disappointed, sad, and frustrated that this hairstyle didn’t turn out exactly like the picture there are some pros:

  • the braid looks stellar
  • I love how nicely the braid laid over the bun
  • the curls look amazing
  • I masters curling hair with a flat iron
  • the bun had some volume due to my own thoughts and knowledge about hair

So, while there is room for growth, I also know that there are some great things about the hair style and my learning. I like trying my new skills on my own hair too. It is a HUGE difference working with Mackenzie’s thick, dense, long hair compared to my thin, fine, short hair! I am even considering getting extensions this summer to add thickness and length to my own hair!

Let’s reflect on some of my growth!

Remember when I tried to curl hair with a flat iron using a twisting method?! Yeah, me too and I apologize again to Mackenzie’s poor hair!

Remember that incredible French Fishtail Braid?! ME TOO!!


Remember that super symmetrical and elegant bun?! I still drool over the precision on that one!!


I have learned so many neat hair styles that I would have never explored before, like that Mohawk Pull Throw Braid! Through the learning of Pinterest, YouTube, and other blogs I have successfully developed hair styling skills that could help me style people’s hair for their big events!

I have learned so much more than just hair styling. I have developed new skills in Screencasting and iMovie. My first video had very little editing done to it. Through using iMovie more and playing with the different effects and settings I believe I was able to create more aesthetically pleasing videos with special effects, voice overs, and freeze frames. I feel like I could confidently go into my classroom and school and volunteer to help create or teach about iMovie and creating videos with it.

Thank you to everyone who took part in this learning journey by contributing to my blog posts, giving me advice and compliments. I truly appreciate it. 

Refreshing the Curls

It has been a crazy busy few weeks. Only 5 more days of classes left in my education degree!! How crazy?! That being said these last two weeks are insanely busy with due dates, tests, and final reflections. My stress levels have been maxed out with school and all the “life” things that have been going on as I prepare to finish my degree and head into (hopefully) my own classroom!

This week I decided to refresh my memory on how to curl hair, without twisting, using a flat iron! I had to refer back to my previous post to remember how this method of curling hair worked. Looks like…. I STILL GOT IT!

Mackenzie’s hair turned out great and I was happy I was able to jump right back into this skill, like riding a bike! This skill refresher is going to help me with my final goal hairstyle next week! So, stay tuned!

If you need a refresher of where I started in all of this and what my end goal is, check out my very first learning project blog, Follow Me as I Learn to Style Hair!

Mohawks & Long Hair??! Yes, We Did!

Hello everyone, I have noticed some videos with “mohawk” in the titles while scrolling looking for new hair styles to challenge myself. I finally clicked on one the other day and I fell IN LOVE! This mohawk pull through braid sold me.

I love how much volume there is. I also really love the uniqueness of the hairstyle in general. It is so different and really makes a statement! What are your thoughts on the mohawk pull through braid?


I hope you enjoy my tutorial! 

When I finished Mackenzie’s we couldn’t help but giggle as it kind of reminded us of a little dinosaur!



IMG_7611 IMG_7613 IMG_7614

My critical reflections:

  • should have tried to change the angles at some points as my hands are in the way
  • maybe had someone videoing for me
  • should have spoke louder as some parts I am hard to hear
  • not use my teeth to pull the elastic open, gross
  • made the elastics less visible
  • overall, the hair style is beautiful
  • I am happy with how it turned out for my first try!

Is there any other feedback you can give me to help improve for my next video? I would greatly appreciate it! 

Updos & New “Views”

Hey everyone! I just wanted to say my title doesn’t make a ton of sense, but it rhymed and seemed catchy, haha! I did another updo today and tried some new ways of presenting my learning project.

I tried a vlog type style for sharing my learning project this week. I explain most of my process through the video below. I just wanted to add that I now love Screencastify for Google Chrome. I can definitely see myself using it in the future.

Without further ado, enjoy my journey today.


Here is the link to Missy Sue’s website if you are interested!

And here is the link to just my updo video!


Elegant Bun *Cheese

IMG_7348.jpeg  Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 4.11.13 PM.png

I wanted to update you all on my hair curling skills with a flat iron. The image on the left is how my hair dresser curled my hair with a flat iron after my hair cut a couple weeks ago. The images on the right are after I attempted to curl my hair with a flat iron, using the no twist method! YIKES! I will have to keep practicing to say the least!




I also wanted to share the twist braid I did on my own hair the other day. I loved it so much on Mackenzie I had to try it on myself. I will definitely continue to use this style to keep my bangs back.



Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 4.08.59 PM.pngThis week I figured it was time to start working on buns. The FINAL STEP towards my end goal! I found this step by step picture on Pinterest and I knew I needed to try it! I still don’t love the method of learning from picture only steps, it is frustrating because you can’t see the transition steps or hand positions that take you from step to step, it also does not show you how to place the bobby pins.

Which, SIDE NOTE I looked into how to place bobby pins for ultimate hold. I found this great video that goes through examples and explains the reasoning for her tricks! And I personally think I did a better job at hiding the bobby pins, thanks to this tip. Thank you Courtney for the suggestion to look into this!

I still had some difficulties getting the hair style to HOLD because Mackenzie’s hair is so thick and heavy. I asked her to shake her head, as I know someone at an event would be moving all day and wanted to see if it would hold, like most hair stylists are able to do for their clients!


Part of my learning experience this week was taking a video. I realized afterwards that the angle of my video is not the best for my viewers to see my hands and the hair I am working with. I also really wanted to add music, but I couldn’t remember how and felt rushed for time, so I will have to try again next week! I also was not sure if I sped the video up too much or if I should have sped it up more, so please give me your opinions in the comments! Any tips as to how I can improve my videos for my views would be greatly appreciated!

IMG_7492.jpeg IMG_7493.jpeg

I am just so proud of how beautiful this looks! 

Do the Twist, Twist, Twist!

Hey everyone! Sorry I have been MIA for awhile! It has been a busy few weeks.

This week I am trying some hair twisting. Mackenzie once again agreed to let me do her hair! The first thing I tried was this French Twist.

Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 12.36.11 PM.pngI found the steps on Pinterest, it is now pinned on my “Hair” board if you want to check out my profile! There was no video to follow this week, only these short few picture-steps, no words! It was super tricky to do step four because I had no idea how the hair stylist twisted the hair around their hand like that. It took me at least five attempts to twist Mackenzie’s hair to make it look somewhat like step four. I was then unsure where or how the stylist pinned the hair into place, so my bobby pins are everywhere and very visible. Mackenzie’s hair is super heavy, so even with over 12 bobby pins it felt loos on her head and like it might fall apart at any moment. Some word directions and more picture-steps would have been very helpful in accomplishing the “DIY messy French Twist”.

Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 10.16.01 AM.png

I then wanted to try a different kind of twist to explore my options on how to do the three twists in my “final goal” hair style (below).

Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 10.34.13 AM.pngSo, I went back to Pinterest and I did some more scrolling. I found a “How To: Twist Braid” and it looks super cool. It was also a picture-step process, however there were very helpful instructions in words attached as well. While the pictures were very easy to follow and broken down into finer steps, the words were a blessing. They helped to describe the process from one picture to the next. I think my twist braid turned out fairly good, however next time I would like to try and make it less thick. In my final hair style I think this method would be more useful than the French Twist.

Here are the results from the twist braid!


A Dutch-ish Braid and Flawless Curls

I have always been really good at French braiding, I love doing this to my own hair and my friends’ hair. I learned how to do it when I was ten years old. You use three strands of hair and put the pieces over each other in a criss-cross method. Check out this video to see the French braid. However, the Dutch braid you use three strands, place the pieces under each other so that the braid POPS out of the head instead of into it, like with the French braid. Making it super hard to break my habits!

I used a Youtube video by Abby Smith to follow how to do the Dutch braid. I really loved how she gave specific tips about your hand positioning while doing the braid. I also found it really helpful how she slowed down the video, the slow motion helped me to kind of keep up with what she was doing. I think it would have been helpful if she used freeze frames of each step with some simple written instructions attached. This would have allowed me more time to process what I needed to do next and where I needed to place my hands.

Here are the results of the braid! I started accidentally doing a French braid, but you can see where I transitioned into the Dutch braid. Hopefully next time I can crush the braid, I just love how it looks!

IMG_7268.JPG    UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_b2b.jpg

Before I started braiding, I tried my hand at curling with a flat iron again. I was really dreading this as I hadn’t practiced in a week and I find it so challenging… UNTIL I found the most AMAZING VIDEO on how to curl with a flat iron, WITHOUT TWISTING! I was so blown away. I watched the video twice, in shock that it could be SO SIMPLE! Every single curl that I did on Mackenzie’s hair was beautiful and just how I wanted them. I will definitely be using this technique from now on.


What I really loved about Kayley Melissa’s video was that she provided awesome hair tips throughout. She took the time to show you how and where she applied her heat protectant spray, focusing on the tips of the hair. She then gave a helpful tip about scrunching the curls after applying the hair spray to help with hold and volume. I really enjoyed the tips that she gave. She encouraged trying the hair style without having the flat iron on until you knew what you were doing to avoid burning any hair or hands, this was very smart and useful! I am sure Mackenzie thanked Kayley Melissa for the tip too! One thing I did not like about the video was how she seemed to be advertising products, I find that to be a waste of time, as I already have my own products. Overall, I am thankful for the videos that helped me today and look forward to learning how to do some spirals next week.





People, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND trying this method of curling your hair, I bet you won’t be disappointed! I subscribed to her channel as there looks like more great hair styles to be learned from her. I am trying it this week and will share the results in my next blog, stay tuned!


French Fishtail Success Story

I have always admired the looks of a fishtail braid but have never been able to master one. My model wasn’t feeling good, so I didn’t want to keep her too long by curling her hair and doing a braid. So, stay tuned next week to see the curls and braid.

I found a tutorial video by braidsandstyles12, I highly recommend her page, she has SO MANY AMAZING braiding tutorials. This video on the French fishtail is zoomed in on the hair and she repeats the steps over and over and really takes her time. It is very helpful and easy to follow, which I appreciated.

However, I wanted to be able to see how the hairstyle was done by a hair stylist on a model, rather than someone on herself. I watched a tutorial by Halli Bivona on the Howcast channel. This video is also helpful, as they zoomed in on her hands and you could clearly see which fingers she was using to wrap the hair into the braids. She also talks you through the steps and gives helpful tips throughout the video too. I really liked the extra tips, they added to the visuals and helped me understand better how to do the braid.

I have nothing to critique about either of these videos. I am thankful for the skill they taught me and I look forward to trying it on my own hair soon.

Thank you again to Mackenzie for being my model, even though she really wasn’t feeling well.

I am super proud of my French fishtail and I look forward to trying it again next week, sideways!


How To (or Not) Curl Hair with a Flat Iron

This week I decided to work on my hair curling skills. Like I said last week, I want to be able to curl hair using a flat iron. I think this skill is great because it would save me from having to pack multiple hair styling tools, and I love the way the curls look when a flat iron is used.

I watched two YouTube videos this week before attempting to curl Mackenzie’s hair. I watched “how to curl you hair with a flat iron” by Shelley and she used a twist type technique which was similar to the other video I watched by Camila Coelho. Since both techniques were the same, I figured these steps must be THE TRICK I was looking for! I wasn’t wrong, when I achieved all the steps my curls turned out exactly like in the “how to” videos I watched.

It took a couple tries to get the hang of the steps. Clamp, twist, grab hair under, 360, pull. That is what I kept repeating in my head. However, I found it hard to be consistent. I found that if I didn’t hold the flat iron closed with just the right force it would cause the hair to get “caught” in the flat iron and then the curl would not turn out. I also found it really tricky to work on the right side of Mackenzie’s head as I had to turn my wrist backwards to the left and my hands did not want to work this way. It was a frustrating process that I have yet to master.

Three things that I learned for next time: 1) grip and force are key, hold the flat iron closed with a “loose” grip, 2) brush the hair before trying to curl it runs through the flat iron better, 3) clamp, twist, grab hair under, 360, pull.

The videos I used were extremely helpful, both hair stylists took their time demonstrating their technique on their own hair. They both shared great tips about how to protect the hair with heat spray, to use only 1-inch thick pieces, and to work in sections from the back to the front. However, next week I want to try to find a video that demonstrates a stylist working on a model, since that is what I am doing and there may be different “rules” for this than working on your own hair. I am looking forward to trying again and seeing how a stylist works on a model.

Watch my journey as I curl (and don’t curl) Mackenzie’s hair with a flat iron. Celebrate my successes with me and join me next week as I try again and add in a braid!

Follow Me as I Learn to Style Hair

Welcome to My Learning Project

I have always been fascinated by hair styles. I have very fine and thin hair, making it really difficult to style. I have always longed for long, thick hair so I could try all the “in” and “cool” hairstyles that didn’t work on my fine hair. I even considered hair school, to learn how to style, cut and dye hair before realizing that working and learning with children was my ultimate dream. So, I am taking this opportunity of a learning project to try to “tap into” my hair styling dreams again.

Some of the struggles I foreseen with the hair style I chose to work towards included: working with very thick, long hair, curling hair with a flat iron, creating depth and texture in the style, braiding sideways (and using braids other than French braids), and hiding bobby pins. I wanted to learn more before attempting the hair style, I even typed it in a few times, but I forced myself to hold off until I gave it my best effort from what I already know about hair styling. I could tell you about the process and my struggles, but it is best you watch it for yourself. Please take a look at my YouTube video for an insight on the work I have ahead of me during this learning journey.

I am looking forward to learning each of the individual steps of this particular hairstyle throughout my journey. I am also looking forward to learning about different products that will benefit the health of my models’ hair.  And my big dream is that someday I will be asked to help style hair for grads, bridesmaids, and maybe even brides themselves.

Please, follow me on my journey in finding reliable and useful resources to develop a lifelong skill in hair styling. Each week I will seek out, use, and critique hair styling videos and articles. All while improving my own videos, skills, and technology use.