About Me


Hello, welcome to my blog!

I am Justine Garrett, a motivated lifelong learner! I am a first year teacher, fresh out of the University of Regina, Elementary Education BEd program as of April 2019!

Here’s some background:

  • I attended Cabri School from Kindergarten to Grade 12
  • I was part of my School Representative Council; including the position of Prime Minister!
  • I absolutely love volleyball and was the captain of my school jr. and sr. teams for one season each
  • I have always enjoyed school and learning
  • I love math and history
  • I participated in a dance club, skating club- which I assisted with CanSkate coaching, track and field, badminton, and yearbook club
  • I always enjoy family time
  • I babysat for several families of children of many ages whenever I had spare time and it was a highlight of my teen years
  • I have moved once, in grade nine and it was from the town of Cabri to a farm outside of Cabri
  • I have a blended family which includes my Mom and her boyfriend, my two brothers, my Dad and Step Mom, my Step-Sister, her fiance and my nephew
  • I own a Clydesdale horse named Diesel
  • I help on my family farms and ranch; I really enjoy working with cattle
    • agriculture is a huge part of my life and who I am
  • I enjoy travelling and have been to three of Canada’s provinces, Montana, Florida, Mexico, and the Dominican
  • My favourite colours are orange and pink
  • My favourite food is pizza because there are endless combinations and types of foods you can put on a flat piece of bread and smother in cheese!! Mmmmmm.


I am an active community member and school participant. I love any and all opportunities to lend a helping hand by volunteering. I believe that rural communities only exist with avid volunteers who are willing to put in the time and effort it takes to make their community great and full of potential and opportunities.

Here are 3 major reasons I want to be a teacher:

1) I want to inspire children to become lifelong learners, to think of learning as opportunity rather than a chore.

2) I want to provide opportunities for ALL students to feel heard, included, and recognized. I believe teachers and schools are the foundation of students’ safe places where they can ask for opportunities and have teachers reach out to help fulfill these opportunities.

3) I want to learn and experience growth with the upcoming generations by empowering and inspiring each individual to be their best selves and meet their fullest potentials.

I was fortunate to have one teacher who invested their time and care into me, my situation, my mental health, and my own knowledge. This teacher helped me out of a dark place and gave me hope that I was capable of anything and that I could succeed. I want to be this person for others, even if through my years as an educator I can help only one student out of a dark time and give them hope I will feel successful.

Check out My Teaching Philosophy to learn more about who I am as an educator and individual.