The Grand Finale

Today I put my hair styling skills to the test. Using my previous blog posts and my initial attempt at my goal hair style, I attempted my goal one last time. I knew I needed a braid, curls, twists, and a messy bun to complete my dream hairstyle.

Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 5.22.54 PM.png

I am OBSESSED with this hairstyle!




Unfortunately, I could not do it justice! BOOOOO.

Here is my process of doing Mackenzie’s hair today.

I am super disappointed in the outcome of my hairstyle. I tried really hard, I applied ideas and techniques I learned throughout the semester. SO WHY?!


Here’s my thinking:

  • is it because her hair looks like a different texture?
  • is it because of the colour?
  • is it because she doesn’t have layers in her hair, like the picture?
  • is it because I need more practice?
  • am I even good enough to do hair for special event?

I needed answers, so I began Google searching. I came upon this article, Choosing the Right Hairstyle for Your Hair Texture and Density. The article suggests that different hair textures and densities COULD change the outcome of a hairstyle and the look of someone’s hair in general. This, kind of, answers my questions about the hair texture and layers causing my outcome to be different from the original image.

I am also not naive enough to think I am a master hair stylist now. I do know I need to work on some of my skills, especially the hair twisting. To me it is the part of the hairstyle that seems the most “off”.

What are your thoughts? Please be honest, I love constructive criticism. 

While I feel disappointed, sad, and frustrated that this hairstyle didn’t turn out exactly like the picture there are some pros:

  • the braid looks stellar
  • I love how nicely the braid laid over the bun
  • the curls look amazing
  • I masters curling hair with a flat iron
  • the bun had some volume due to my own thoughts and knowledge about hair

So, while there is room for growth, I also know that there are some great things about the hair style and my learning. I like trying my new skills on my own hair too. It is a HUGE difference working with Mackenzie’s thick, dense, long hair compared to my thin, fine, short hair! I am even considering getting extensions this summer to add thickness and length to my own hair!

Let’s reflect on some of my growth!

Remember when I tried to curl hair with a flat iron using a twisting method?! Yeah, me too and I apologize again to Mackenzie’s poor hair!

Remember that incredible French Fishtail Braid?! ME TOO!!


Remember that super symmetrical and elegant bun?! I still drool over the precision on that one!!


I have learned so many neat hair styles that I would have never explored before, like that Mohawk Pull Throw Braid! Through the learning of Pinterest, YouTube, and other blogs I have successfully developed hair styling skills that could help me style people’s hair for their big events!

I have learned so much more than just hair styling. I have developed new skills in Screencasting and iMovie. My first video had very little editing done to it. Through using iMovie more and playing with the different effects and settings I believe I was able to create more aesthetically pleasing videos with special effects, voice overs, and freeze frames. I feel like I could confidently go into my classroom and school and volunteer to help create or teach about iMovie and creating videos with it.

Thank you to everyone who took part in this learning journey by contributing to my blog posts, giving me advice and compliments. I truly appreciate it. 

4 thoughts on “The Grand Finale

  1. This is a great post Justine, and I honestly think that the hairstyle turned out great. I am no expert, but I would say that the differences are mostly due to Mackenzie’s hair being different than that in the photo. I think you did a really good job and I personally WOULD let you style my hair for a special event. Great work!

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  2. Another great post as always Justine! I think the outcome of this hairstyle not turning out how you wanted it to was due to many factors such as hair color, density, length, etc. as you mentioned- but quite honestly like Danica mentions I still think this hairstyle looks beautiful. Watching your learning project unfold over the course of this semester has been so interesting to watch – and I have even learned some tips and tricks along the way. I hope you have had an excellent last semester and good luck in the fall! I know you will be an amazing educator!

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  3. Wow Justine! You have done some many great hairstyles! And I think this last one turned out great considering all that went into it! You are welcome to do my hair for any special event!


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