Refreshing the Curls

It has been a crazy busy few weeks. Only 5 more days of classes left in my education degree!! How crazy?! That being said these last two weeks are insanely busy with due dates, tests, and final reflections. My stress levels have been maxed out with school and all the “life” things that have been going on as I prepare to finish my degree and head into (hopefully) my own classroom!

This week I decided to refresh my memory on how to curl hair, without twisting, using a flat iron! I had to refer back to my previous post to remember how this method of curling hair worked. Looks like…. I STILL GOT IT!

Mackenzie’s hair turned out great and I was happy I was able to jump right back into this skill, like riding a bike! This skill refresher is going to help me with my final goal hairstyle next week! So, stay tuned!

If you need a refresher of where I started in all of this and what my end goal is, check out my very first learning project blog, Follow Me as I Learn to Style Hair!

5 thoughts on “Refreshing the Curls

  1. Beautiful as always Justine! I am curious to see what your final hairstyle will be! I am also feeling the stress of the final semester- but we are almost done! Good luck with the remainder of your semester, you can do this!

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  2. I can relate to the stress levels maximizing! I don’t know a whole heck of a lot about curls but I think they look good! When I was young my hair was really long and would curl all around my shoulders. I still miss having long hair.

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