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This week we learned about coding in our education technology course.Image result for codingI have heard a few people say they have been coding in the classroom, but I never looked into it because my assumption of what it was, made me believe it was crazy difficult. My assumption was that coding was a black screen lit up with lines and lines of green numbers and letters in which students would have to know formulas to “fix” or solve the codes to make their screen do a function. It was very stereotypical of me to think this way and made me close minded

However, class today, along with my professor and fellow classmates proved me so wrong. They helped me become open minded and understand the true benefits of coding in the classroom. Because coding can actually be super fun, engaging, and interactive. A great website is Hour of Code. There are numerous themes that students can choose from according to grade levels or age.

*I apologize that the video seems “cut off”, Screencastify only lets you video so long without the premium version, so I stopped abruptly, the rest of my thoughts are written below.*

After playing a couple games, getting frustrated, and confused, I was uncertain the purpose or benefits this would even have in the classroom.

My classmates provided me with great examples of how coding may be essential in the classroom and full of various learning opportunities including, but not limited to:

  • Computational thinking skills are learned and enhanced
  • Graphing coordinates and other mathematical terms
  • Following instructions
  • Sentence structure
  • Building stories around content
  • Digital literacy
  • Reading skills and engagement
  • Numeracy skills and engagement
  • Many jobs are digital based now, so these computer schools are essential

Screen Shot 2019-03-30 at 6.21.37 PM.pngExamples could be doing one level of code and then writing a story about what happened during that code movement. You could also use it as an example of procedural writing. The opportunities are endless if you are willing to think outside the box and allow your students to express their ideas related to code and how it is supporting their learning you can really take coding anywhere.

If you are like me, and need to continue researching how to implement coding, this page has many articles explaining tips, tricks, and benefits to coding in the classroom.


7 thoughts on “Classrooms & Coding

  1. Hey Justine!
    Hour of Code is a fantastic website to learn code! Last year I also felt intimidated by the idea of coding. I tried Hour of Code (the Moana) version and I found it wasn’t too bad! I still struggled a bit, but if I had spent more time on it I think I would have had a better understanding! I loved the little list you put together of different ways that coding can help students students learn. I never thought of how coding could help students learn things such as sentence structure! This is a really neat idea that I had never really thought about before!
    Have a great day,

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    • I felt the same way at the start of this experience! I had no idea what coding was and was very intimidated to find out. Hour of Code turned out to be a great resource though and really fun to use!

      Great Post Justine! I love how you always summarize your thoughts with bulleted points. It makes your posts very easy to read.

      Ps. I liked your post so much I pinged it as a good coding resource to use.

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