Mohawks & Long Hair??! Yes, We Did!

Hello everyone, I have noticed some videos with “mohawk” in the titles while scrolling looking for new hair styles to challenge myself. I finally clicked on one the other day and I fell IN LOVE! This mohawk pull through braid sold me.

I love how much volume there is. I also really love the uniqueness of the hairstyle in general. It is so different and really makes a statement! What are your thoughts on the mohawk pull through braid?


I hope you enjoy my tutorial! 

When I finished Mackenzie’s we couldn’t help but giggle as it kind of reminded us of a little dinosaur!



IMG_7611 IMG_7613 IMG_7614

My critical reflections:

  • should have tried to change the angles at some points as my hands are in the way
  • maybe had someone videoing for me
  • should have spoke louder as some parts I am hard to hear
  • not use my teeth to pull the elastic open, gross
  • made the elastics less visible
  • overall, the hair style is beautiful
  • I am happy with how it turned out for my first try!

Is there any other feedback you can give me to help improve for my next video? I would greatly appreciate it! 

6 thoughts on “Mohawks & Long Hair??! Yes, We Did!

  1. Ok, your seriously skilled! This looks awesome and I’m totally going to try to do it to my own hair. Don’t be to hard on yourself about your video. I never noticed your sound wasn’t good and though your hands were a little in the way you could still follow along with what you were doing.

    Great Post!

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