Do the Twist, Twist, Twist!

Hey everyone! Sorry I have been MIA for awhile! It has been a busy few weeks.

This week I am trying some hair twisting. Mackenzie once again agreed to let me do her hair! The first thing I tried was this French Twist.

Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 12.36.11 PM.pngI found the steps on Pinterest, it is now pinned on my “Hair” board if you want to check out my profile! There was no video to follow this week, only these short few picture-steps, no words! It was super tricky to do step four because I had no idea how the hair stylist twisted the hair around their hand like that. It took me at least five attempts to twist Mackenzie’s hair to make it look somewhat like step four. I was then unsure where or how the stylist pinned the hair into place, so my bobby pins are everywhere and very visible. Mackenzie’s hair is super heavy, so even with over 12 bobby pins it felt loos on her head and like it might fall apart at any moment. Some word directions and more picture-steps would have been very helpful in accomplishing the “DIY messy French Twist”.

Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 10.16.01 AM.png

I then wanted to try a different kind of twist to explore my options on how to do the three twists in my “final goal” hair style (below).

Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 10.34.13 AM.pngSo, I went back to Pinterest and I did some more scrolling. I found a “How To: Twist Braid” and it looks super cool. It was also a picture-step process, however there were very helpful instructions in words attached as well. While the pictures were very easy to follow and broken down into finer steps, the words were a blessing. They helped to describe the process from one picture to the next. I think my twist braid turned out fairly good, however next time I would like to try and make it less thick. In my final hair style I think this method would be more useful than the French Twist.

Here are the results from the twist braid!


6 thoughts on “Do the Twist, Twist, Twist!

  1. Bless Mackenzie’s soul for letting her be your test dummy lol!
    Have you tried looking up different ways to place bobby pins? For myself I do not understand bobby pins at all, so for you have have them hold all that hair is great!
    I like that you are taking baby steps to hopefully be able to create your final goal! Keep up the great work


    • Courtney, I never thought of doing that, that is a GREAT idea! I will definitely look into finding a resource for placing bobby pins, thank you! I find breaking the main goal down into steps is helpful to understanding each part and perfecting it before attempting to mash it all together. Thank you.


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