French Fishtail Success Story

I have always admired the looks of a fishtail braid but have never been able to master one. My model wasn’t feeling good, so I didn’t want to keep her too long by curling her hair and doing a braid. So, stay tuned next week to see the curls and braid.

I found a tutorial video by braidsandstyles12, I highly recommend her page, she has SO MANY AMAZING braiding tutorials. This video on the French fishtail is zoomed in on the hair and she repeats the steps over and over and really takes her time. It is very helpful and easy to follow, which I appreciated.

However, I wanted to be able to see how the hairstyle was done by a hair stylist on a model, rather than someone on herself. I watched a tutorial by Halli Bivona on the Howcast channel. This video is also helpful, as they zoomed in on her hands and you could clearly see which fingers she was using to wrap the hair into the braids. She also talks you through the steps and gives helpful tips throughout the video too. I really liked the extra tips, they added to the visuals and helped me understand better how to do the braid.

I have nothing to critique about either of these videos. I am thankful for the skill they taught me and I look forward to trying it on my own hair soon.

Thank you again to Mackenzie for being my model, even though she really wasn’t feeling well.

I am super proud of my French fishtail and I look forward to trying it again next week, sideways!


11 thoughts on “French Fishtail Success Story

  1. This looks like a fun learning project! I have always wanted to learn how to style my own hair as my go to hair styles are either down or in a ponytail. Braiding has always been something I have wanted to learn, and the video tutorials by braidsandstyles12 look really easy to follow. You did great with the fishtail braid! I am looking forward to seeing what else you will be doing!

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  2. This braid looks so good Justine! I’ve never been able to successfully french fishtail on other people but I can do it on myself, I’ll have to watch some of the tutorials by braidsandstyles12 to see if I can figure some out! It looks and sounds like you are really enjoying this Learning Project!

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  3. Hello everyone, thank you so much for the kind words. I was so happy with how the French fishtail turned out! I tried it on my own hair yesterday and it was a total fail! I will have to try again and take a picture for you all.


  4. Justine, you did a lovely job with the fishtail! When I had longer hair I fishtailed my own hair and I found I almost had to build up endurance to be able to complete it without it looking all wonky. Especially since I would get about half way done and my arms would start to feel numb! I’m sure you will have it figured out in no time! Keep up the great work, it looks fantastic!

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    • Hanna, I knew I had some previous experience. As I love doing my own hair. I think the braid was easier than I expected, however the curling with the flat iron… that is still SO hard. I tried on myself the other day and it looked even worse than when I try to do it on Mackenzie.


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