My 1st “Solo” Twitter Chat

Katia introduced twitter chats to our edtc 300 class the other day. She modelled a mini chat with our class, staying online to help up through any questions or glitches. She then asked us to engage in a twitter chat on our own. The idea alone made me incredibly anxious.

I am not very good with technology, especially trying new things on my own after only being assisted once. I decided to take part in the #engagechat led by @daviswelcome on Friday night at 7 o’clock. I drove back to my home town that afternoon, so I only had about 30 minutes to get set up, I was panicking. I had to watch the Zoom class over again to figure out what the twitter extension was called for a twitter chat. It is called a tweetdeck. It allows you to follow a specific user and hashtag so that you only get the related tweets in your feed, making following along easier. I got all logged in and figured out how to follow the hashtag and the discussion leader. And then I had a five minute wait and the whole time I was feeling anxious. What if I didn’t know the answer to a question? What if people thought my answers were “childish” or not “good enough”?

And then it started… and all the stress dissipated. The time between questions was much slower than I had expected. We were given ample time to respond and read other responses. Which allowed time to retweet great thoughts, like, and take my time to respond thoughtfully. I really enjoyed the wisdom from some of the more experienced educators. We discussed voice and what it means to have your own voice, how leaders in the staff room may or may not value voice and what that might look like. I encourage my readers to answer their thoughts about voice and what you think it means to have a voice.

Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 7.54.48 PM.png

After about an hour I had answered five questions and the chat drew to an end. I left feeling more confident about my tweeting skills and myself as a person. It felt encouraging when the other members of the chat would like and retweet my answers; a huge confidence booster. I also left the chat with 5 new followers and following 6 new people. I am looking forward to engaging in another chat soon.

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