Follow Me as I Learn to Style Hair

Welcome to My Learning Project

I have always been fascinated by hair styles. I have very fine and thin hair, making it really difficult to style. I have always longed for long, thick hair so I could try all the “in” and “cool” hairstyles that didn’t work on my fine hair. I even considered hair school, to learn how to style, cut and dye hair before realizing that working and learning with children was my ultimate dream. So, I am taking this opportunity of a learning project to try to “tap into” my hair styling dreams again.

Some of the struggles I foreseen with the hair style I chose to work towards included: working with very thick, long hair, curling hair with a flat iron, creating depth and texture in the style, braiding sideways (and using braids other than French braids), and hiding bobby pins. I wanted to learn more before attempting the hair style, I even typed it in a few times, but I forced myself to hold off until I gave it my best effort from what I already know about hair styling. I could tell you about the process and my struggles, but it is best you watch it for yourself. Please take a look at my YouTube video for an insight on the work I have ahead of me during this learning journey.

I am looking forward to learning each of the individual steps of this particular hairstyle throughout my journey. I am also looking forward to learning about different products that will benefit the health of my models’ hair.  And my big dream is that someday I will be asked to help style hair for grads, bridesmaids, and maybe even brides themselves.

Please, follow me on my journey in finding reliable and useful resources to develop a lifelong skill in hair styling. Each week I will seek out, use, and critique hair styling videos and articles. All while improving my own videos, skills, and technology use.

8 thoughts on “Follow Me as I Learn to Style Hair

  1. Justine this looks like such a fun, interactive, and engaging learning project! I too long for hair to style. It seems that when my hair reaches my chest it just stops growing. I am interested to see what products and hairstyles you chose to do in your future posts! Let me know if you ever need a hair model, I’d be more than happy to help out. Best of luck throughout your learning project, you will do fantastic!

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  2. Great start, Justine! I can imagine the difficulty from having fine, short hair like yours to working on think, long hair like MacKenzie’s! You did a great job for your first go at it. I look forward to watching your progress and following your tips when it comes to doing my own hair! Best of luck on this fun journey!

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  3. Thank you for the kind words everyone! It is definitely a huge challenge working on thick, long hair! And it takes a lot more time to style than I thought it would; as curling my own hair only takes about 15 minutes maximum. I am excited I have support and encouragement in all of you as I move forward in this journey.


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