How To (or Not) Curl Hair with a Flat Iron

This week I decided to work on my hair curling skills. Like I said last week, I want to be able to curl hair using a flat iron. I think this skill is great because it would save me from having to pack multiple hair styling tools, and I love the way the curls look when a flat iron is used.

I watched two YouTube videos this week before attempting to curl Mackenzie’s hair. I watched “how to curl you hair with a flat iron” by Shelley and she used a twist type technique which was similar to the other video I watched by Camila Coelho. Since both techniques were the same, I figured these steps must be THE TRICK I was looking for! I wasn’t wrong, when I achieved all the steps my curls turned out exactly like in the “how to” videos I watched.

It took a couple tries to get the hang of the steps. Clamp, twist, grab hair under, 360, pull. That is what I kept repeating in my head. However, I found it hard to be consistent. I found that if I didn’t hold the flat iron closed with just the right force it would cause the hair to get “caught” in the flat iron and then the curl would not turn out. I also found it really tricky to work on the right side of Mackenzie’s head as I had to turn my wrist backwards to the left and my hands did not want to work this way. It was a frustrating process that I have yet to master.

Three things that I learned for next time: 1) grip and force are key, hold the flat iron closed with a “loose” grip, 2) brush the hair before trying to curl it runs through the flat iron better, 3) clamp, twist, grab hair under, 360, pull.

The videos I used were extremely helpful, both hair stylists took their time demonstrating their technique on their own hair. They both shared great tips about how to protect the hair with heat spray, to use only 1-inch thick pieces, and to work in sections from the back to the front. However, next week I want to try to find a video that demonstrates a stylist working on a model, since that is what I am doing and there may be different “rules” for this than working on your own hair. I am looking forward to trying again and seeing how a stylist works on a model.

Watch my journey as I curl (and don’t curl) Mackenzie’s hair with a flat iron. Celebrate my successes with me and join me next week as I try again and add in a braid!

Feedly, WHAT?!

I have never even heard of Feedlybefore, so learning about it in class was exciting! I was struggling searching the internet for articles to share on my twitter
feed, and this resource makes finding and posting relevant articles easy.

screen shot 2019-01-27 at 4.01.51 pm

To begin I searched “technology and education” and there were pages and pages of resources. For choosing the resources that I thought would be relevant to my needs and interests at this time I looked at titles of webpages first. If the title was interesting, I then looked at how many people were following the resource. If there were more than a thousand followers, I clicked follow as well. I then searched only “education” too see what types of resources would show up, I added two more based on titles and followers. Once I had eight resources I went and clicked on each individual resources and skim read their article headings and authors. This was a great way to get a sense of the types of articles people were posting and who the authors were and how/ if they are related to education or types of technology for the classroom.

There was one site I ended up unfollowing, it was called “Ted Ed”. I thought it was a Ted talk based on education when I originally followed it. However, when I went back into it to see the videos, they were completely unrelated to education and not at all what I was looking for. I unfollowed and reflected on the importance of knowing your sources and actually looking into them before just sharing or following.

One of the resources I followed is called “Emerging Education Technologies”. It has 7000 followers and is related to the hashtags “education” and “tech”. The majority of the articles are by Kelly Walsh. From the author information on the bottom of his articles I learned that he is the Chief Information Officer at The College of Westchester and that he founded the website. So, I am confident that this resource is going to be accurate and contain the kinds of articles I am looking for related to technology and education. I look forward to reading the posts.

Another resource that I followed is called “Educational Technology”. It has 32000 followers and is also related to the hashtags “education” and “tech”. The author of the articles are all listed as “educatorstechnology”. I cannot find any information on the author, however after skimming four articles I can see that the author uses credible resources in their blogs and has some very foundational background knowledge about the technologies they are recommending. There seems to be a lot of great tips for teachers and how to implement technology into the classroom in a way that flows.

I am looking forwards to reading and learning more about educational technology.


Follow Me as I Learn to Style Hair

Welcome to My Learning Project

I have always been fascinated by hair styles. I have very fine and thin hair, making it really difficult to style. I have always longed for long, thick hair so I could try all the “in” and “cool” hairstyles that didn’t work on my fine hair. I even considered hair school, to learn how to style, cut and dye hair before realizing that working and learning with children was my ultimate dream. So, I am taking this opportunity of a learning project to try to “tap into” my hair styling dreams again.

Some of the struggles I foreseen with the hair style I chose to work towards included: working with very thick, long hair, curling hair with a flat iron, creating depth and texture in the style, braiding sideways (and using braids other than French braids), and hiding bobby pins. I wanted to learn more before attempting the hair style, I even typed it in a few times, but I forced myself to hold off until I gave it my best effort from what I already know about hair styling. I could tell you about the process and my struggles, but it is best you watch it for yourself. Please take a look at my YouTube video for an insight on the work I have ahead of me during this learning journey.

I am looking forward to learning each of the individual steps of this particular hairstyle throughout my journey. I am also looking forward to learning about different products that will benefit the health of my models’ hair.  And my big dream is that someday I will be asked to help style hair for grads, bridesmaids, and maybe even brides themselves.

Please, follow me on my journey in finding reliable and useful resources to develop a lifelong skill in hair styling. Each week I will seek out, use, and critique hair styling videos and articles. All while improving my own videos, skills, and technology use.

Welcome to My Ed Tech Beginning

Weclome, I am Justine. You can almost always find me smiling, until I have to work with technology, then you can usually see my lips pressed together and my brow furrowed. Technology and I do not get along very well, and I am learning to have more patience with it and to not be afraid to reach out for help. Thankfully, I have a great network of tech savvy friends.

I am from a very small town in South West Saskatchewan. I attended Cabri School in the small town of Cabri, a K- Grade 12 school, where the average student population was around 110. We were fortunate to have a new facility built when I was in grade one. This allowed our school to have technology built into our school early, compared to most other rural schools.

Growing up I got to see teachers attempt to use the SmartBoards in their classrooms. Two classrooms were fortunate to receive SmartBoards in my school. While some teachers barely used them during my schooling, I have learned a lot about them through my internship experiences. If they become something you learn to use daily and effectively I think that they can be amazing classroom tools. I do not know much about the programs you can create interactive lessons for SmartBoards, I would love to learn more about it.

Beyond some interactive SmartBoard use, I do not have much background with educational technology. I have heard of apps such as SeeSaw, Remind, and Google Classroom. I have not had any direct experience with them yet. I look forward to trying some of these as I get into my own classrooms. I think something like Remind could be great to keep in touch with parents.

I am not a blogger. I find the blog websites incredibly confusing and overwhelming. I have been required to post blogs for two other courses and it was a painful process. I hope that this course helps resolve the overwhelming feelings and bring a little more fun to my blog posts. I find that there is so many steps and names for different parts of the blog, like creating menus, pages, and categories. I am still struggling creating these things to make it look and function properly. However, I am thankful for the support I have already received from my colleagues, they have offered great help to sort these things out with me.

I am new to twitter now as well, feel free to follow me. Which, I was very reluctant about at first, as I have never liked or understood it. I am slowly learning how to retweet and search for great personal learning networks (PLNs). I look forward to continuing to learn how to use the new, great social media networks out there that can help me create a positive digital footprint for myself!