A Touch of Art

I didn’t really start teaching art until later in my internship. However, I taught one lesson during my cooperating teacher’s unit on water colours. It was a challenging lesson with many aspects to it. I was a bit skeptical of how well the students would do, but they were all amazing! Each student tried different brush strokes and added their own personal touch to their birch forests.

Here is the Birch Tree Lesson Plan

Here is my reflection on how the lesson went.

October 5th:

“Later on Monday I taught an art class, continuing with the water colour/ fall unit that my coop had been working on. The students began painting a fall birch tree forest piece. We discussed texture and how different brush strokes could create different textures. The students were encouraged to try x brush strokes, dotting, and dabbing with hard bristles to create leaves in their paintings.”

I began creating a mini drama unit for my three week teaching block, to help get the students warmed up and developing skills for their upcoming Christmas concert. I only got into one actual lesson before my cooperating teacher decided it was time to start learning Christmas concert songs and reading through their play, “The Nutcracker”.

Here is the beginnings of my mini unit plan, it is in no way complete, however there are the makings of good ideas. There is one lesson plan with some fun drama games for students to get into character roles.

Mini Drama Unit Outline

Drama Lesson One

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