ELA in the Classroom

I learned so much about English Language Arts during my internship. I think one of the most important things I learned is that this class becomes a routine and does not NEED a detailed lesson plan for every minute of the class, because it becomes so routine.

Here is an example of our Monday morning routine. Each grade had their own set of spelling words that my cooperating teacher already had made into magnet cards for the board.

Monday ELA Routine

For example, our week started with new spelling words in which students would write each word in their agenda and then write a sentence in their book using the word. We then would do a word solving activity which my teacher had all made prior- there were letters all scrambled and the students worked together to find all the words and then we would write using the words and create word family charts. The students got into this routine quickly and were clear with the expectations each day. We incorporated weekly journal writing time, a clear guided reading schedule (which was on a chart in the classroom) and new writing/ reading modelling lessons were taught and practiced weekly.

I love writing poems and was excited when Chinook School Division staff were given a PD day about teaching poems, as it was a focus for the division this year. This gave me the opportunity to lean with my students as my teacher taught how to write and analyze various poems. I had the opportunity to teach about limericks and how to write limericks. The kids had a lot of fun with it and really gave me a good laugh.

Limerick Lesson Plan

I carried out many guided reading lessons that extended to almost 5 “full-time” teaching weeks. I taught various guided reading lessons and had the opportunity to work, and learn, alongside Chinook’s literacy coach, Michelle Dewar. It was such a great opportunity. I loved doing the guided reading lessons because it gave me a chance to work in small groups and get tot know and understand my students on a more personal and academic levels. There are so many benefits to guided reading programs and I was very fortunate to see growth in almost all of my students reading fluency and comprehension.


I planned a mini unit for writing a compare/ contrast paragraph. We worked with venn diagrams and used information about communities we had been learning in social studies.

Here are the lessons for the compare/ contrast mini unit.

Lesson One

Lesson Two

Hamburger Paragraphs Worksheet

Lesson Three

Compare Contrast Paragraph Rubric

Here is the awesome paragraph that my students wrote together during our hamburger paragraph activity!

Screen Shot 2019-03-24 at 7.42.06 PM.png I look forward to establishing my own classroom routines in ELA class, as well as discovering a guided reading routine and plans that work for my students and myself.

I will be forever grateful for the learning my cooperating teacher, students, and principal provided me during my internship.

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