Phys. Ed Invasion Unit

I taught physical education (phys. ed) for almost all of my internship. My Co-op started with a unit about space and self-awareness, the students created really neat obstacle courses using the playground. It was a great introduction to physical education by helping remind the students the basics of physical education.

I began my phys. ed experience with a unit on Invasion. I based my unit off of the Teaching Games for Understanding (TGfU) model. I learned about this model of teaching phys. ed through my KHS 233 course. Check out my Research Paper KHS, as to why I believe this method of teaching physical education is more beneficial than the traditional, or direct, instruction method.

Click the link to take a look at the Invasion Unit.

And click this link to see the Detailed Invasion Lesson Plans. 

Here is a reflection I had on September 24th:

“I taught a lesson on finding open space today, playing musical hoops. I thought the lesson went well and the students were all participating. However, I do not think it fit in the order of lessons we have been doing so I made a note to put this lesson sooner in the unit. Even one of the students was asking why we weren’t working on our offense game plans, so this reassured me I had this lesson in the wrong spot. I also realized this lesson is too short for this group, so I will need to add more for the future.

On a more positive note, my lesson was enjoyed by all, including student X. She rarely participates in class with the other kids, but today she wanted to play and even played without mine or her brother’s help. This was super, super rewarding for me, I love when she feels included and chooses to participate. This activity also gave me the opportunity to see some more locomotion skills from the students, and they have improved a lot since my initial observations, so this was awesome to see as well. I am looking forward to getting back on track and in better sequence with this unit.”

It is so important to me to take the time after a long day and critically reflect on your lessons and your day and to try to choose one thing to improve on or change for next time you teach the lesson.


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