Three Weeks with My Two’s

I absolutely love grade two! I couldn’t believe the growth in them since the fall! Both physically (so tall!), academically, and socially! Grade two is such a fun grade because the students have really gained independence and are excited to be working on their own. Their writing is priceless, super original, and they are open to trying to write almost anything. I also enjoy that they are still super excited to learn anything, they still need and rely on me as their teacher.

I am worried about teaching math to my future students. I have always loved math, I like the logic, structures and the rules. However, I find that I struggle to teach what I know, especially in language friendly to children. So, I chose to do a unit in math while I have the support of my cooperating teacher beside me everyday.

Here is my unit on Full Detailed Geometry Lessons with very detailed lesson plans, work pages, and a fun final assessment.

Here is the end of unit Summative Quiz.

Here is the Student Work Booklet.

The unit includes detailed lesson plans, a work booklet, and a hands on final assessment.

I really enjoyed this unit, while I had to adjust my assessments- they were too wordy for grade two’s, we found ways to adjust and have fun.

I am thankful I had the opportunity to try new things and learn from my cooperating teacher!