The First 8 Weeks

I was very fortunate to get to work alongside my classmate Vanessa for my pre-internship. We were placed in a grade two classroom in Regina at St. Bernadette. We had a group of 24 students, four of which were EAL learners and of varying levels. They were the sweetest group of children.

Vanessa and I had the opportunity to have every Wednesday for eight weeks spent team teaching and teaching on our own with the grade two’s. We did our first two lesson plans together and then began creating our own. This was a unique opportunity because we were creating lesson plans based on students we barely knew (forcing us to adjust as we were teaching to suit their needs as best as possible) and create plans that were in the middle of our cooperating teacher’s unit plans. We had the opportunity to try planning various subject plans.

I will share my first lesson plans with you, however, please keep in mind they are some of my first plans I have ever put into practice.

Week One of Pre Internship Reflection

Week 2 – Health; Stranger Safety

Week 3 – Art; Dance Dynamics

Week 4 – ELA; Sequencing Book Talk

Week 5 – Art; Leading & Following Dance

Week 6 – Science; Insect Life Cycles

Week 7 – Science; Agribition & Cattle Life Cycles

Week 8 – ELA; Long “ea” Vowel Recognition

I learned a lot about myself as an educator through each of these lessons. My cooperating teacher and Vanessa provided a lot of insight for classroom management growth and learning to really smile and have fun, to not worry so much about “having the perfect lesson”.

I enjoyed learning with the grade two’s and I cannot wait to come back and teach them for three weeks!

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