Unlearning a Single Story

(blog nine)

I do not remember a lot of diversity in the stories I was told when I was young, and as I got in the older grades I only remember talking about some stories about other countries briefly and very surface discussions. I would have to say my “single story” was a Euro-Western story that we created and continues to be told in most of our schools. The white, old guy’s truth was the dominant truth I remember hearing. I think that my schooling has shared a dominant single story, but they have shared some other stories as well. And I like to believe that it has given me a larger lense in which to read the world. Although, being a white privileged person I know I do have a racist mind sometimes due to the stereotypes and the other racist privileged people I grew up around. I have always had racist thoughts because of this, but I have never belittled anyone or acted unfair to anyone because of their race. And as I continue through my degree I do not intend to bring this lens with me. I love learning about other cultures and races, and I have been given many resources now to help me bring diversity forwards and break my racist thoughts and prevent them from being in my classroom.

Unlearning comes with educating oneself and others. It means trying to find resources to support your learning and teaching. I am also constantly trying to remind myself that I have grown up with stereotypes and I need to consciously stop thinking about those and remember everyone has their own stories and we are all equals. I think that the fact these are only thoughts, and I have never acted on them by treating anyone different or engaging with them, I am making good progress. I can definitely come further though and stop my thoughts and continue to educate myself with multiple stories of various perspectives. I look forward to continuing to learn and continuing to have access to resources.

One thought on “Unlearning a Single Story

  1. I love how honest and critical your blog post was about yourself. You are going to be a great teacher because of your critical thinking and ability to recognize areas you wish to strengthen in yourself.


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