Creative Journal #6

Unlearning and Relearning How to Educate

I have been struggling, and I still am struggling with this idea of multidisciplinary learning, inquiry learning, student led learning, and so on. All these new concepts of teaching to allow for creativity and for children to find and create their own learning and knowing of the world. I guess you could say I am stuck in the old fashion way of teaching and learning and I have always pictured myself as that type of teacher. A teacher who stands at the front of the room and teaches math, then science and assesses my students based on their knowledge. Just like how I was taught and how my parents and their parents, maybe I have an old soul but I believe there is nothing wrong with this system. Therefore it has been incredibly difficult for me to unlearn this over the last four months, and I believe it will take even longer than that to completely unlearn it.

I found Ho’s statement, “one of the dangers of formal schooling is it will imprint a disciplinary template onto impressionable minds and with it the belief that the world really is as disconnected as the divisions, disciplines, and subdisciplines of the typical curriculum” (p 3) very troubling because of this idea I have about teaching. Yet, it also helped with my relearning of these new methods of teaching and how others are viewing the troubles of the “old way of teaching”. I have been relearning that school subjects are somewhat placing children into boxes of knowing and viewing the world. Their grades in subject areas influence their future careers and keep their minds closed to opportunity in knowing the world as more of a whole, of interconnectedness. This relearning is going to be a process, but the more I sit down and think about it and the more I have been practicing it throughout this class, the more benefits I can see coming out of these methods and ways of knowing and learning.

I am working to unlearn how to teach and learn in a class room setting and relearning how to better benefit my future students so I can set them up for success in our ever changing world. I understand, and Ho made it very clear, that this type of learning allows children the freedom to create their own identity through their own creative ways of understanding and learning about the environment and the world in general. I look forward to continuing this unlearning and relearning journey Audrey has challenged me to take.

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