Creative Journal #3

Prairies with Millions of Stories

Growing up and even today my favourite place on this earth remains the same. The feeling of freedom, belonging, and being one with nature all play a huge role as to why I love it so dearly. Since I was just a kid my Dad would bring my brothers and myself up here to check fences, check the cows, inspect the river’s water levels, and to just be part of the environment for a few hours.

The grass is native to the land and does it ever grow, such beautiful shades of yellows, greens, and browns. The cattle graze freely within the 17 quarters that has been declared ours for 28 years, and probably cattle of many other settlers before us. But still, even today, there are remnants of Indigenous life living on our land. We have never moved a single thing, not an arrow head nor a teepee ring. Dad taught us what arrow heads and teepee rings are and how important it is to leave the Indigenous people’s belongings to the land. I always found this fascinating and very respectful of my Dad.

My brothers and I, from a young age, have always found so much comfort, joy, and freedom in riding our horses all across this land. From racing them up and down the coolies in the beautiful fall colours to slowly walking across the flat tops breathing in the fresh smell of sage in the spring. All of it makes me feel part of the wilderness, part of something bigger than just my identity as a student and a girl, and a farm kid.

The Garrett Ranch, our family ranch, holds millions of different stories for hundreds of different people ancient, old, young, and everyone in between. I will never be more thankful for any piece of land than this one, it holds too many memories, too many stories for me to ever let it go. I hope to continue making memories there and I hope to never lose that feeling of being part of something greater. Most of all, I hope to continue learning about the history of our ranch because I now realize how important that really is to the way the wilderness was ultimately shaped.


2 thoughts on “Creative Journal #3

  1. Hi Justine!
    Your blog is really great! It sounds like you’re a true prairie girl. Whereabouts is your family farm? Have you actually found teepee rings and arrow heads on your farm? I’d totally make a necklace or something out of an arrow head. I tried to ride a horse once buy I fell off and broke my arm. I’m a true city boy. I envy you.


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