Ecoliteracy Love Letter

Dear Emily,

What you do for the environment is inspiring. So, let me thank you. I thank you for recycling: aluminum cans, bottles (glass and plastic), tin cans, cardboard (including pizza boxes, toilet paper tubes and everything in between), and paper. I thank you for helping me to begin to recycle properly too.

But you don’t just recycle, you are extremely crafty and find many ways to reuse recycled materials. You’re good at creating new things out of “used”/ “old” materials, like picture frames, utensil jars, and so on. You are also great at buying and selling second hand items instead of throwing things away. So, thank you for being creative.

I also thank you for always trying your best to save on fuel consumption. You try to walk, carpool, or take public transit as often as you can. And I thank you for helping and encouraging me to do the same! But, it doesn’t just stop there you always take the time to unplug appliances that are not in use. You remember to shut the tap off while brushing your teeth and you refuse to throw your garbage out your car window.

These are just a few things I thank you for and I know the environment thanks you for more than even I do. I believe you are an eco-literate person because you are helping the environment in any way you can. And on top of that, you sometimes even take the time to educate yourself on environmental issues that are affecting us locally. Way to go!

I appreciate all you have taught me in helping keep our environment clean, I just wish more people could learn these things too. I will keep informing people of all these small tasks that can help the environment be greener and I know you will as well.

Have a great day and keep being green!


Justine Garrett


2 thoughts on “Ecoliteracy Love Letter

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